Golden Retriever

Children compatibility
Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are friendly, intelligent and eager to please. These dogs are powerful and muscular making them a terrific service or working dog. Being social, amiable, gentle and playfully energetic, Goldens make wonderful family pets.

A Retriever’s lifespan is 12 to 14 years. Male Retrievers weigh up to 75 pounds, and females can weigh up to 65 pounds.

This dog breed stands 22 to 24 inches. Along with the traditional golden hue, this breed can be other colors like white, black or red golden retrievers.

Retrievers can be a purebred, a mix or a mini version.


Goldens are loyal, patient and have an easy-going nature. Due to their high energy and playful disposition, these dogs need plenty of exercise to ward off boredom and destructive behaviors.

Temperament & Children Compatibility

The Golden Retriever is well-mannered and gentle with both kids and other animals. Being social, Goldens are protective and are happiest when interacting with their humans.

Training & Intelligence

This breed is easy to train and highly intelligent.


Retrievers have longer, dense and feathery coats that shed. Brush their coats at least once weekly. Bathe these dogs occasionally to keep shedding down.

Best Food for Retrievers

Feed your Golden high-quality dry dog food 2 X daily. Measure 2-2 1/2 cups food daily dividing amount in half per meal. This breed is prone to overeating.

Where to Buy Golden Retriever in Houston

Enter Golden Retriever puppies for sale into your Internet search bar. Add Golden Retriever puppies near me for closest responsible breeders. Expect Golden Retriever puppies in Houston to cost $800 to $2,500. Always inquire about the price of a puppy before committing.

Golden Retriever

Pros & Cons

Is owning a Golden Retriever worth it?


  • Adores children
  • Loves being part of a family
  • Not barky


  • Sheds twice a year
  • Prone to some health problems
  • Prone to overweight

FAQ Questions About the Golden Retriever

How to Train Golden Retriever?

First of all, train your puppy his name. Then teach your Retriever how to do his toilet affairs correctly and due to schedule, and train him to wear a leash and collar.

How to Groom Golden Retriever?

A Golden Retrievers need at least one brashing per week and one bath per 6 weeks.

How Much does a Golden Retriever Cost?

Average price per Golden Puppy is $800-$1200.

What is the Best Age to Train a Golden Retriever?

The best age to star training a Golden puppy is 8 weeks.

How Long Does it Take to Train a Golden Retriever?

From 8 weeks to 2 years.