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Cute Pup Houston is a safe, reliable way to grant a loving new home for a cute puppy! Our team is here to find you the perfect pet, matching your preferences with its personality traits, as we have already done for thousands of families, helping to adopt new darlings; our dedicated and responsive team provides the best customer service ever, bringing together healthy sweet pets and their new happy owners day by day.

Along with a pet, you will get health warranties, support, and advice from knowledgeable staff. Our team guides you through the real-time process of setting safe and pressure-free meetings with funny candidates that can be suitable for your personality and lifestyle. We move heaven and earth to meet the happiness and health of any pet that comes through our hands, being interested in its smoothest transition. Cute Pup will astonish you by a great variety of purebred puppies of all shapes and sizes, you can choose from.

We love what we do, caring about your satisfaction and a fun environment and happiness for a pet like no other local pet shop. Let Cute Pup make you and your dog happy! We believe that our small animal store can greatly shape your life with a true animal friend making you forget about loneliness!

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Jesse & Chelsea

Together since 2017

Peter & Dexter

Can’t imagine life without each other

Carrie & Beethoven

Have been together since childhood

Jake & Rocky

Rocky rised Jake from the cradle


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Thanks to Cutepuphouston I met Jack, who became my best friend, and changed my life dramatically. I know for sure that none of us will ever be lonely again. Jack is incredibly cheerful, and he charges everyone around with positive. Even the neighbors’ children come to play with him, and a lot of laughter surrounding them all the time!


Melanie Brooks



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