The Welsh Corgi Dog


Corgis are one of the most popular breeds in the world. It’s not hard to see why, with their cute, compact bodies and adorable faces! The welsh corgi is a very intelligent breed that loves being around people at all times. With such a friendly personality, welsh corgis are great for first-time dog owners looking to adopt an energetic pup that will be easy to care for. But before you go out and buy a welsh corgi puppy from the nearest pet store, make sure you know everything about this breed so you can raise your new fur ball properly!

Breed Traits & Characteristics

Corgis are small, sturdy dogs that come in two variations: Pembroke welsh corgi and Cardigan welsh corgi. Both breeds have a short tail (or bobtail), as well as erect ears, positioned high on their head.

The welsh corgi is a very intelligent breed with an enthusiastic personality. They’re extremely loyal to their owners and will love spending time with them at all times. These pups also get along great with other animals such as cats or ferrets so they can make a good addition to households where there’s already another pet living inside. One thing to note about this dog though is it sheds constantly – but if you’re not afraid of a little dog’s hair, welsh corgis are an excellent choice!

The welsh corgi breed has many different variations but all of them share certain physical traits. They’re on the smaller side and have very short tails as well as large erect ears placed high up on their head. Most welsh corgis also come in three colors: red welts (also known as Pembroke welsh corgis), black welts, or gray welts (known collectively as Cardigan welsh corgi), and sable pups with either brown, orange-brown, or white markings called Welsh Corgis. All these breeds have similar temperaments – they’re intelligent dogs that love to spend time around people.

The Breed Standard

The welsh corgi is a medium-sized dog that is hardy, low to the ground (but not short), and has long legs. They’re usually about 12 inches tall at their withers and weigh between 22 pounds – 34 pounds.

All three types of breed share similar traits such as having erect ears positioned high on their head while also coming in either red welts (Pembrokes), black welts (Cardigans), or sable with brown, orange-brown, or white markings called Welsh Corgis. The welsh corgi breed standard is that they should be very intelligent, have a high energy level, and be easy to train. They’re also seen as one of the best breeds for first-time dog owners because welsh corgis are friendly towards humans with an enthusiastic personality – they’ll never turn downtime spent around their owner.

About the Breed

The welsh corgi is one of the most popular breeds in the world and has been for centuries. The welsh corgi’s ancestors are thought to be a mix between collies, shelties, and spaniels which were brought over from Wales when they migrated during the 1500s.

Welsh Corgi dogs have an excellent energy level with an enthusiastic personality so if you’re looking for a furry companion who’ll always want to spend time around people or another animal then this breed might just be perfect! They also get along great with other animals such as cats or ferrets so there’s no need to worry about them getting lonely while living inside your home alone – welsh corgis will love any opportunity they can find to play with other animals.

The Corgi Breed History

Welsh Corgis have been popular for centuries and are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They were originally bred as herding dogs to work alongside farmers, driving cattle or sheep from fields into barns while also protecting their herds against predators.

Originally welsh corgis ancestors came over with welsh people who migrated during the 1500s when they mixed with a mix of collies, shelties, and spaniels. Soon welsh corgis became well-known for being an excellent herding dog and many welsh people were very proud to have welsh corgi pups as their farm dogs.

In the 1900s welsh corgis started becoming popular in America (with a few welsh immigrants bringing them over) but they didn’t become recognizable until after World War II when Lassie, the famous fictional character on television, was given this breed as a sidekick!

Today welsh corgis popularity has remained high because these dogs are still known for being intelligent with enthusiastic personalities.

Caring For a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke welsh corgi dogs can be a great pet for your home if you have the time to care for them. They’re very intelligent with an active personality so they’ll need plenty of exercise and stimulation each day – welsh corgis must get at least 30 minutes of outside playtime in addition to their daily walks.

Welsh corgi pups are also one of the most popular breeds as first-time dog owners. They also can always be found trying to get attention from people while they’re working – this is a great trait for those who work long hours or have limited time to spend with furry friends!

Welsh corgi pups do require grooming which includes brushing two times per week as corgi’s hair tends to matt easily so you must brush them at least every other day. It’s also recommended that welshes wear clothes during the winter months when temperatures drop because these dogs don’t tolerate cold weather well due to being sensitive-skinned.

It’s best to socialize welsh corgis puppies early on, which will help build strong bonds between pets and potential owners.

Corgis are social and happily socialize with all family members and their friends. At the same time, the breed is considerate enough, does not take up much space, and can lie at the feet of the owner until the latter wants to play.

Interestingly, the characters of Cardigan and Pembroke are slightly different. The Cardigan is more thoughtful and calm, while the Pembroke is excitable and active.